Hype – the new kid on the livestreaming block 

Many of you may have noticed that WheelchairScope has not been livestreaming as much lately. This is partly due to other paid work I have going on but more importantly in the UK, as winter draws in, there are less outdoor activities going on and the gloomy light does not make livestreaming very good. Who wants to see a dull gloomy park in the UK?

Well, now Hype may be the answer. Like other livestreaming apps, you can broadcast live to the world from wherever you are, but in addition you can introduce photos, music, prerecorded videos that you already have on your iPhone or iPad at any time during your broadcast. So whether it’s raining or snowing outside, you can still live broadcast from inside and feature some stuff you’ve already recorded previously and still be able to interact with your viewers. My favourite thing is that you can make your viewers’ comments pop up on the screen and then move them around. It makes the audience feel more engaged and makes your content appear more FUN and spontaneous.

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WheelchairScope Secrets of Paris – Rooftop views Perfection 

As a wheelchair user, I am used to looking up at things. Whether it’s people standing up all around me, or bus timetables that are placed at just the wrong height to allow me to read them comfortably.
So I am always looking for places where I can survey the world from a different perspective, where I can look down rather than looking up. Being in Paris, you might have thought I would go up the Eiffel Tower, but I wanted to try something different. I wanted to see how Galeries Lafayette would manage when I said I wanted to go up to their rooftop terrace. Continue reading “WheelchairScope Secrets of Paris – Rooftop views Perfection “

Paralympics 2016 – Disabled People are ordinary not superhuman 

As Paralympics kicks off, it still seems uncertain whether Rio can pull off a major sporting event to rival the Paralympics in London in 2012.The Paralympics has come a long way from the days where the event looked like a glorified school sports day to becoming a credible mainstream sporting event with the media coverage and sponsorship to match. Continue reading “Paralympics 2016 – Disabled People are ordinary not superhuman “

Where’s the fish? On top of a church!

Last weekend,I visited the old town of Poole. Often overlooked in preference to its close seaside neighbour, Bournemouth, the old town and Poole Harbour offer plenty of history, a large harbour and marina area, along with a wealth of seafood restaurants to cater for all budgets. Continue reading “Where’s the fish? On top of a church!”

As the Canary flies 

I have been visiting the London Docklands area for the last 20 years. When I first started visiting there, it was a slightly surreal experience particularly at the weekend, it was like walking through a huge film set. Tall skyscrapers rising into the sky. Wide gleaming pavements, statues and fountains. The only thing that was missing was people. There was no one around. It was pretty much deserted. Continue reading “As the Canary flies “

Seeing the world from a different perspective

I have been live streaming for over a year now and the comment I often hear from people is that they didn’t realise how many barriers face Disabled People on a day to day basis.

Now barriers take many different forms. There are attitudinal barriers and institutional barriers, but what most people are referring to are the physical barriers – the steps, the high railings, the signs that are too high or too small to read.

My wheelchairscopes hope to highlight a few of these barriers, but in a fun and interesting way. I often think watching livestreams is a way to travel the world from the comfort of your own home. You should be entertained, inspired and encouraged to explore the environment you live in. Continue reading “Seeing the world from a different perspective”

WheelchairScope – bringing ‘wheel life’ to the Internet

My aim is to broadcast regularly on Periscope live, exploring a variety of different places across the UK and hopefully when time and resources allow, also abroad. I plan to upload edited versions of my broadcasts on YouTube and also provide background information on my broadcasts via the WheelchairScope blog and Facebook page. Obviously people can also tweet me @WheelchairScope but hopefully people will join me when I am broadcasting live on Periscope and interact with me on there.
This is very much my individual perspective and I am not claiming to represent all wheelchair users. We are all unique and what I find interesting or frustrating, will be different to what other people find interesting or frustrating. My aim is just to encourage people to get out and about, recognising there will be barriers, but actually a lot of barriers can be overcome with some imagination and creativity.

Not all Disabled People are wheelchair users!

I am very aware that many Disabled People don’t use wheelchairs, however I am just showing my personal experiences. Hopefully this will encourage Disabled People with other impairments to start showing their own perspective. I have used the name WheelchairScope because other more generic terms are interpreted differently according to what country you live in, and like or not,the wheelchair is a fairly universal symbol across the world

Who are you?

I am Robert Droy, a wheelchair user from the UK. I work in the Disability Rights field, mainly as a freelance consultant. I am purely working on WheelchairScope as an independent endeavour and is not associated with any other organisation I may work for. Inevitably, I may occasionally refer to aspects of my work as I am very committed to Disability Equality and Human Rights issues. However, at the moment, WheelchairScope is purely intended to be a fun hobby.