Paralympics 2016 – Disabled People are ordinary not superhuman 

As Paralympics kicks off, it still seems uncertain whether Rio can pull off a major sporting event to rival the Paralympics in London in 2012.The Paralympics has come a long way from the days where the event looked like a glorified school sports day to becoming a credible mainstream sporting event with the media coverage and sponsorship to match.

In the UK, Channel 4 catapulted the Paralympics, in 2012, into a league of its own with rolling TV coverage, not just during the Games themselves but both before and after. This made Paralympians household names and at some level, at least, made people view Disabled People in a different light.

It is hard to judge whether this change in attitude towards Disabled People had any long term effects. Unfortunately it feels as a Disabled person, that you are either classed as a Paralympian (Superhuman) or you are seen as an object of pity, or at worse a scrounger.

Most Disabled People are just ordinary people living ordinary lives, going to work, watching rubbish TV, cooking Sunday lunch for the family, and of course spending far too much time on the Internet.

I’m sure we all wish the Paralympians well, in their pursuit for sporting glory, but let’s hope we also recognise the contribution that all Disabled People make to the world and the communities in which we all live.

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