Seeing the world from a different perspective

I have been live streaming for over a year now and the comment I often hear from people is that they didn’t realise how many barriers face Disabled People on a day to day basis.

Now barriers take many different forms. There are attitudinal barriers and institutional barriers, but what most people are referring to are the physical barriers – the steps, the high railings, the signs that are too high or too small to read.

My wheelchairscopes hope to highlight a few of these barriers, but in a fun and interesting way. I often think watching livestreams is a way to travel the world from the comfort of your own home. You should be entertained, inspired and encouraged to explore the environment you live in.

Just as the latest craze of Pokemon Go has got people out of their armchairs and exploring the world, so can livestreaming. It’ll make you see the world from a different perspective and help your viewers see the world you live in.

Check out my latest scope to see what I mean.


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